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Why Evaporative Cooling is the way forward for many industries

Why Evaporative Cooling is the way forward for many industries

As we head towards the warmer months many businesses will be dreading the increase in temperature.  This can mean their staff and customers are subjected to spaces that can reach stifling temperatures of over 40 degrees.

The issue

A popular furniture retailer based in Norfolk was experiencing these uncomfortable temperatures.  The management were concerned about the comfort and safety of their staff and customers working and visiting the store and those in the attached warehouse.

After receiving an astronomical quote for air conditioning, it was simple another solution was required. They also had limited space available so required a compact yet effective solution.

The solution

Five Seeley Breezair units were installed that bought the temperature to a comfortable 20 degrees without impacting on the limited space.

The evaporative cooling units provide a long term and affordable solution to creating a constant comfortable atmosphere.

Evaporative cooling or air conditioning?

Many businesses only look for a traditional air conditioning unit when considering cooling solutions for their business. They are then put off by the installation and running costs.

Breezair evaporative cooling units offer a cost effective and environmental solution. Even when outdoor temperatures soar Breezair units will use the same amount of power to generate the fresh cool air and windows and doors can be left open without the fear of ‘letting out’ cold air.

This successful furniture retailer is just one example of many UK companies that are moving over to evaporative cooling units. For example, many UK businesses with warehouses, factories, showrooms and data centres utilise the benefit of evaporative cooling systems. A variety of industries are perfectly suited evaporative cooling from manufacturing, food production, automotive, assembly lines, pharmaceutical and more.

What about hot spots?

Hot spots can be a real issue for many businesses whether caused by equipment, processes or perhaps being near a large glass window these areas are often hotter than other areas within the same vicinity and even outside. A Breezair evaporative cooling unit can easily cool this small area by pushing cool, high velocity, fresh air to provide a far, far more comfortable working environment.

Total Energy Services experts in evaporative cooling

  • Fully vetted and insured engineers
  • Gas Safe, Wras, OFTEC, SSIP accredited
  • Accredited contractor for Seeley International – the global leader for evaporative cooling
  • Honest, reliable family owned business for over 25 years
  • Professional and experienced engineers

Evaporative Cooling Projects

Evaporative cooler fitted in a Warehouse, Portsmouth

Evaporative cooler fitted in a Datacentre, Dorset

Evaporative cooler fitted in a large scale office, Southampton

Sarah Higgs Seeley International UK manager

Total Energy Services have been established as Seeley Approved Contractors since 2017.  They excellently undertake installation and service work with our products and have been innovators in successfully applying the Breezair coolers for some niche applications.

What next?

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