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What is a combi boiler?

What is a combi boiler?

A combination or ‘combi boiler’ is a high efficiency boiler that provides your home with both heat and instantaneous hot water.  This modern condensing boiler heats water directly from the mains allowing you to benefit from plenty of hot water straight from your tap in under a minute! A combi boiler does not require a hot water cylinder or cold water tank in the loftmeaning you can make use of the freed up space within your home and also makes this the perfect boiler is you wish to utilise your loft space; some combi boilers are compact enough to fit within a standard kitchen cupboard.

Combi boilers are particularly energy efficient as they only heat the water you need, therefore little energy and money is wasted. Over half of the domestic boilers installed each year are combi boilers as they tend to be quicker, easier and more affordable boiler to install. Their compact nature means that for those living in smaller properties they can often fit within a kitchen cupboard.

However, not all homes are able to have a combi boiler, an important point is that you will need to ensure your mains water supply can deliver a high enough flow rate and pressure, you also cannot use a power shower with a combi boiler as the pressure is dictated by the mains water pressure to your home. The other potentially major concern is that because there is no immersion if your boiler breaks there is n o back up for providing hot water.

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