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What is a boiler flue?

Your boiler flue allows exhaust gases to exit your boiler into the atmosphere. The flue will usually be located behind your boiler which allows the gases to escape quickly and safely from your property.  The flue is an essential part of your heating system and if you are considering a new central heating system and / or boiler it is imperative the correct flue is used. If your flue is installed correctly it will also help with the overall energy efficiency of your property.

With modern condensing boilers before exhaust gases are released into the atmosphere they will pass through a heat exchanger which reduces the process of warming cold air on its way back from the radiators. The heat exchanger is another part of your heating system which is paramount to an energy efficient home.

If you allow your flue to deteriorate through lack of servicing or if it is fitted incorrectly poisonous gases could potentially be emitted into your home, therefore you should always use a gas safe engineer who is correctly trained in this type of work. During your annual service the heating engineer will always inspect your boiler flue looking for any signs of wear and tear, along with access to the flue.

We hope this answers any questions relating to what a flue is however if you have anymore questions do let us know by calling 01258 472132 or fill in the enquiry form.


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