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Wet Rooms: The plumbers guide to the perfect wet room

Wet rooms have really grown in popularity over the last 10 years and can add a luxurious feel to your home.

Whilst almost any home could have a wet room they aren’t without their potential pitfalls and we strongly advise seeking the opinion of an experienced plumbing professional before you commit to this type of project.

Water drainage is perhaps the biggest challenge for a wet room and if done incorrectly you then you can end up with leaks in adjoining rooms which can be very costly to repair.

It is also very important the entire room is waterproofed correctly as failure to do this could cause many problems in the future. The floor, lower walls and wall area where the shower is have to be primed, then tiled.

It is advisable that the level of the floor is raised slightly in case the room ever fills with water.

A benefit of wet rooms is that especially in smaller bathrooms is that you can create a much more open and spacious feel to the space especially for contemporary looks.  However this can mean that other areas you prefer to be kept dry within the bathroom such as towels, loo roll and the toilet seat can become damp from the shower spray and steam.

To avoid a slippery floor pick tiles wisely and avoid anything polished or shiny looking.

Although much easier to clean you must also ensure that all excess tile cleaner is removed as again this can cause the floor to be slippy.

Don’t forget although wet rooms are perfect for adding an additional bathroom we wouldn’t recommend having a wet room as your only bathroom as this can reduce the saleability of your property as most families require a bathroom with a bath.

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