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The importance of getting your gas fire safely serviced

Whilst most home owners see the value in a yearly boiler service, many do not see the importance of also having your fire serviced on an annual basis too.

Often people think because their fire is not used as frequently as their boiler, an annual service is not necessary, but for the safety of you and your family it is important that your fire is serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

During your gas fire service the engineer will make a series of important checks such as ensuring the fire has been installed correctly, checking the flue for blockages, cleaning important components on the fire.

By keeping up with your yearly service a gas safe engineer can assess whether the fire requires any new parts or whether it might be time to consider a replacement gas fire.

Flueless Gas Fires

If you have a flueless gas fire a yearly service is still very important because of the catalytic converters on the fire which if starts burning incorrectly could mean that harmful fumes can escape into your home.

Therefore the best way to keep your fire in tip top condition is to book a yearly gas fire service, our gas safe registered engineers are fully qualified to service, repair and install all types of gas fires and can disconnect old fires and re connect new fires at a time which suits you.

Are Gas Fires Efficient?

If you look at your homes heating system as a whole gas fires are very efficient, as we look to reduce our energy usage in times where it may not be necessary to heat the whole home a gas fire will conveniently provide a zonal heat source to your living space.

Modern gas fires can often be a aesthetically pleasing focal point to a room whilst offering warmth and comfort. New models have highly realistic flame effect with heat efficiencies of up to 89% with heating outputs to suit all users.

Efficient gas fires can help to heat your home more effectively whilst saving you money on your fuel bills.

Most are efficient some of the older ones can be the most effecvtive becareful some of the new fires the heat can go straight up the chimney.

Are gas fires safe?

It is surprising how many people are unsure about gas fireplace safety.  Generally speaking gas fires are a safe method of heating your home but of course there are some important things to know to ensure you can be as careful as possible.

Like all heating sources you should keep flammable materials away, just because the fire cannot escape doesn’t mean there is no hazard. We advise leaving at least three feet of space between the fire and the object whether that object is rugs, curtains, pets or little people. In particular pay attention when hanging items off the mantle especially during seasonal times.

Be careful of carbon monoxide

Like with all gas appliances carbon monoxide is produced, if something goes wrong with the fire then you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can potentially be fatal. Carbon monoxide has no colour, smell or taste and can be known as the silent killer. Therefore we ALWAYS recommend a carbon monoxide detector no matter little you use the fire.

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