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The easiest way to unblock a toilet

The easiest way to unblock a toilet revealed!

A blocked toilet is never a welcome sight, however before you try to repeatedly flush away the blockage, follow our 5 easy steps.

1) Get your tools ready, typically you will need;

  • Plunger
  • Bleach
  • Gloves
  • Old clothing

2) Detect where the blockage is.
Obviously if is it something dropped into the toilet you may be able to fish it out wearing suitable gloves, however if this is not the case and the chamber is clear you can try to clear the pipes using a wire coat hanger or a drain unblocker which you can buy from most plumbers merchants.

3) Use your plunger
Perhaps the most common way to unblock a toilet is to use a plunger, remember always use the plunger securely against the blockage this should create the powerful vacuum needed to unblock the toilet.

Use hot water
If you don’t think the toilet is badly blocked and don’t have a plunger you can try the common trick of pouring hot water straight into the pan from a bit of a height if possible this is a great natural way to shift waste without resorting to stronger drain cleaner.

5) Clean up correctly
Hopefully you now have the satisfaction of a clear toilet so all there is left to do is give your toilet a good clean and ensure plenty of ventilation is available!

If you are still having issues we would always recommend calling out your local drainage company.

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