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Oil Tank Replacement Dorset

Oil Tank Replacement Dorset

New Oil Boiler and Oil Tank Installed in Dorset

Total Energy Services recently installed a new oil tank in Dorset. The picturesque village of Dewlish is located in the heart of Dorset’s ‘Hardy Country’. The village is sited within a lush valley and boasts an array of stunning walks. The village also has quite an interesting historical past! Various ancient remains have been discovered in and around the village including ancient elephant bones and excavated burial mounds where ancient artefacts where discovered including a fine bronze dagger.

Due to the villages countryside location mains gas is not an option, therefore many locals rely on oil fired boilers or LPG central heating systems.

Prior to the boiler being installed. The customer relied on coal to heat her home.  Keen to move away from coal the customer opted to have a new energy efficient oil fired boiler installed along with a new oil tank.

A new bunded oil tank was installed complete with a newly constructed concrete base, oil line and site gauge.

Bunded Oil Tanks

Traditional oil tanks are built only with a single skin which of course can hold oil but has can cause a lot of problems. Bunded oil tanks create a safety precaution with a second tank shell that allows space to contain any spills or leaks.

The main benefits are that it helps to prevent fuel theft, protects the environment from hazardous spills and reduces fuel wastage from leaks. Bunded oil tanks comply with regulations and come in different sizes to suit.

The site gauge was installed which allows the user to be able to ensure they do not run out of oil.

What next?

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