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New Radiant Plaque Heaters for Gillingham Baptist Church

New Radiant Plaque Heaters, Gillingham Baptist Church

Gillingham Baptist Church is based in the centre of Gillingham in Dorset.  A civil parish in the heart of the Blackmore Vale. Whilst the building isn’t listed nor particularly old, heating the building effectively was causing problems for the wardens.

The existing wall heaters were insufficient at providing the level of heating the church required which resulted in various cold spots, reducing the comfort of worshippers. The church required a solution that kept the congregation warm during services whilst being quiet in operation.

Radiant panels and plaques

Radiant panels and plaques offer an effective solution by heating the floor zone from above instead of the heat rising from the floor to the ceiling which typically wastes heat due the particularly high ceilings.

Gas fired radiant plaques provide the church with direct and cost effective heat. The energy saving mechanics of these heaters allow for quick heat up and recovery and there are additional fuel savings alongside environmental comfort.


A happy congregation! The high quality radiant plaque heaters turn on as soon as the congregation come in providing instant heat. The church were also pleasantly surprised with the low glare that was emitted from the heaters, having previously associated infrared heating with a harsh glow.

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