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Loft conversion bathrooms – How to plan the perfect bathroom

Loft conversion bathrooms are becoming a popular choice as more homeowners choose to extend their home rather than up size.  Especially with reports stating the value of your property could increase in value by £42,000.

Loft conversion bathroom – What to think of

Planning a bathroom in your loft conversion can take a bit more consideration than replacing an existing bathroom. When you replace an existing bathroom often people will stick to the same layout or perhaps you have lived in the space for a number of years and know exactly what is needed and where.

There are also additional constraints with a loft conversion namely that the ceiling height will often slope creating a slight challenge.  In this article we will divulge our top tips for creating your little haven in the attic.

Design the space

Firstly, you need to consider what the purpose of the bathroom / bathrooms are. Is this going to be a family bathroom or a luxury shower room. What other rooms will be upstairs. From a more technical point of view, water pressure can make a big difference into what sanitary wear you need to choose. A qualified plumber will be able to assist you with this.

Don’t forget ventilation

In order for your project to pass building regulations you must have sufficient ventilation. For most this is an extractor fan to provide background and rapid extraction ventilation. Windows are not a necessity for a bathroom but are desirable.

Planning the plumbing

When it comes to connecting soil pipes it is always easier and more cost effective to map out where any existing soil pipes are for ground floor bathrooms. Connecting water and drainage should be left to the experts.

In theory you can create a bathroom almost anywhere in your home, but in reality this could incur unforeseen costs which isn’t ideal when you are half way through an already expensive conversion.

Heating your bathroom

For most bathrooms a radiator towel rail is sufficient as a source of heat, however there is also the option of underfloor heating which adds a luxurious feel whilst taking the chill off tiles.

Lighting your bathroom

It can be a bit tricky fitting lights into a loft conversion bathroom as you have to contend with sloping ceilings. Down-lights can still easily be fitted or you could opt for wall lights. Furthermore, many bathroom mirrors come with built in lights which add to the ambiance. Depending on the pitch of your ceiling you could even opt for a hanging feature light!


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