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How do radiant tube heaters work?

Radiant tube heaters are often found in commercial premises, such as warehouses, factories and garden centres.  Radiant tube heaters are an efficient and effective source of heat and their popularity often leads to the question of how to radiant tube heaters work?

How do radiant tube heaters work?

Radiant heaters or infrared heaters heat objectives, spaces and people similar to how the sun heats the earth. Rather than blowing air around, the heat directly reaches the object which in turn releases heat via convection.  This type of heating creates a pleasant, comfortable and draft free environment for both staff and customers.

Instead of forcing out air like an regular heater because radiant tube heaters allow you to precisely heat certain zones they are perfect for businesses who only need certain stations heating.

Benefits of using radiant tube heaters

Energy efficient heat source

Radiant tube heaters are highly energy efficient because you can target direct areas you wish to heat.

Good for people with allergies

Radiant tube do not blow air around a space. This clean air is means less potentially irritating particles are circulated.

Lower fuel bills

Businesses who use radiant heaters often benefit from lower fuel bills, due to the reduction of wasted heat. Infrared heaters purely target the zones and objects you want to heat.

Easy to install and maintain

Radiant tube heaters are prized for their ease of installation.  There is no need to lay pipes and excavate areas, if maintained correctly tube heaters rarely have faults, hence their popularity in commercial premises.

Very quiet in operation

Radiant heaters are naturally very quiet.  This means staff and customers will not be distracted.

Where are radiant heaters used?

Radiant heaters are suitable for many types of premises;

  • Factories
  • Industrial units
  • Warehouses
  • Community halls
  • Garden centres
  • Greenhouses
  • Garage workshops

Radiant tube maintenance and servicing

Similar to having your annual boiler service, it is advised that radiant tube heaters are maintained annually. For more information on radiant tube servicing and maintenance click here

Radiant tube repair

Our radiant tube engineers are able to repair and replace radiant tube heaters.

Engineers are Gas Safe Registered and Total Energy Services is a member of SMAS Worksafe and SSIP for work place safety.

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