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Cold weather tips for your home 

Cold weather tips for your home

We have noticed that after a series of cold snaps during the winter there is a marked increase of customer’s experiencing boiler breakdowns and plumbing issues.

To help reduce your chances of needing a repair or experiencing a plumbing issue this winter we have put together our 5 top tips for getting your home ready for winter.

Service your boiler

The best way to ensure your home is winter ready is to ensure your boiler has had its annual service by a trained heating engineer.  Gas Safe for gas and LPG boilers and OFTEC for oil boilers.   A boiler service will help to keep your boiler in the best possible condition and keep it running as reliably and efficiently as possible. Your engineer will be able to ensure any worn or damaged parts are replaced before they become a risk and result in a costly breakdown. This will optimise the performance and safety of your boiler.

Lagging pipework

Lagging all exposed pipework and tanks in your loft will go a long way to help prevent them from freezing which can result in a burst pipe and damage to your property. Lagging can easily be picked up from your local DIY store or online.

Crack open your loft hatch

If you have a tank or pipes in the loft space open loft hatch slightly during severe cold spells. This will help in preventing them from freezing by letting in some of the warm air to circulate in your loft.

Keep the heating on low at night

In severe weather If you are vulnerable then it is always advisable to have the heating on low at night instead of on all day and off for a period at night. This is so that the heating can reach the desired morning temperature much quicker.

Keep an eye on outside taps

Remember to turn off internal valve to outside garden taps and drain water from tap.

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