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Boiler Repairs – Our top 5 tips for reducing boiler breakdowns

No one wants to wake up to a freezing home or worse a cold shower! Whilst we cannot guarantee that you won’t experience a boiler breakdown this year we can offer our advice for keeping your boiler as happy as possible thereby minimising a costly breakdown as well as saving you money on fuel bills.

Consider your boiler age.

Did you know you can save over £300 a year just by replacing an old G-rated boiler to a A-rated condensing boiler! You will also be doing the environment good by reducing carbon emissions.

Keep your boiler clean.

Ensure the case of your boiler is kept clean and dust free as with no cobwebs or dust around the back or sides, including the air grills. Remember to never take the casing off your boiler only a Gas Safe or OFTEC engineer should do this.

If you can lag your pipes.

Summer is the perfect time of the year to do this, so that you are ready as much as you can be for the winter. Many DIY shops will sell lagging that can be easily put over your pipes.

Consider a powerflush.

Think of a powerflush as a deep clean for your heating system effectively removing sludge and debris from your system allowing improved efficiency and quicker heat up times thereby increasing your boiler life.

Annual boiler service.

Probably the most important point is to book an annual boiler service with a gas safe or OFTEC engineer. This allows a qualified technician to run a series of safety and general checks across your boiler.  This helps to ensure your boiler is safe and working and to fix any smaller issues that if left could lead to a breakdown when you least want it.

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